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Win Over the Competition

"They" say you have to put up with your competitors
-but do you really have to?

Your competitors may promise their clients heaven and
earth but cannot deliver long-term quality, price, delivery
or provide helpful support and those hidden added-value
extras that only your company can give.

By definition, most high-end screen printing operations are quite ingenious by the very nature of their work—producing exceptional results from the least and oftentimes the impossible.  Although noble, that can be a problem in itself, particularly for those in electronics and other high-performance industrial applications, where the print often becomes the heartbeat of a finished product.  Too frequently, customers are given certain assurances knowingly they are all but impossible right off the bat!  “Don’t lose the customer at any cost” is generally the well-intended justification but misguided reason behind such pledges regarding the level of performance quality required but difficult or almost impossible to reach. 

When this scenario happens, companies are typically forced to accept jobs and specify by the seat of their pants.”  As a result, press operators are continuously left to their own devices to correct problems and deficiencies that were prior-engineered into the process.  They are forced to go around in circles trying to fix things that they were never trained or meant to do.  Consequently, the company looses its shirt on the job—customer takes his business elsewhere while senior management wonders why.  If you want to go that extra distance to beat the competitor, rather than simply equaling them, great but beat them in deeds—not in words!   

No one pretends meeting stringent printing demands are easy, but many operations seem to have a knack of making a difficult job even harder to do.  A challenge is one thing—but pushing the envelope of the process to seek new expectations and something else.  This is precisely what motivates the industry and elevates the profession to another plateau.  However, pushing the limits knowingly when the operation is ill-equipped to do so in organization skills, lacking capacity, processing techniques or efficiency, is ill-fated from the start competitive-wise.

Consider for a moment that less than 3% of all screen makers and printers have received any form of recognized job training.  It has been further estimated that even those who are “skilled” in the printing department use no more than a mere 10% of available technical knowledge deemed essential for high quality/high-definition printing.  Would it not be wonderful to double or even triple that? 

Nevertheless, in the competitive climate of today, no one expects the burden of hiring a full-time technical specialist (consultant) to change this predicament.  Therefore, how does one acquire greater skills, adopt newer techniques and more knowledge, as well as gaining troubleshooting and problem-solving abilities?  Although production managers’ greater responsibilities lie in productivity—not technicalities, even if the roles are shared, these enhancement tools have to come from somewhere somehow.  These tools are a necessity with almost every up-market graphics and high-definition industrial printing applications. 

This is precisely where Imagetek’s unique technical consulting services come in handy, a specialist troubleshooter that problem-solves, fine-tune and generally enhance all aspects of a screen printing operation, large or small, complex or simple, against set objectives.  Many techniques will be introduced that are unique, hands-on training given, in-house custom technical and management training seminars conducted, procedures prepared as well as other enhancement features including no-cost recommendations.  Call to see if there is need for such services without obligation.  You’ll be glad you did—either way.

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