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The Need for Consultants

Besides the shift in business strategies, a high number of screen printing operations suffer from inadequate on-job training, incomplete skills or insufficient quality time for training.  Today’s business climate favors downsizing, job buyouts, early retirements, dissolving certain positions, technology replacing personnel, outsourcing or other devices to reduce an already-trained workforce or worse—replacing experience with inexperienced people!  Anyway you look at it, reducing the work force is seen as a way for companies to save money.  When this happens, greater demands are placed on existing staff while essential people depart.  But the need for certain types of skills, talents, know-how, indispensable process understanding and top performers do not go away—contrary to belief. 

This situation has created an increasing need for technical assistance, such as those provided by
professional consultants, who are truly experts in their respective field of screen printing.  They can implant vital skills lost and vigorously dispense specialized knowledge back into the printing operation and advance/up-date the latest techniques with existing personnel.  The reason for a shift in strategies is often caused by ‘natural’ events, or sheer progress, which ordinarily, one has little control over.  Regardless of reason, the process of printing must be kept closely controlled and further developed to meet the challenges of rapid changing demands in the marketplace.

The lack of proper screen print training is a serious problem to be reckoned with, and one that will always separate ordinary results from extraordinary!  Although there is little excuse for insufficient process training in today’s business climate, in reality, the right kind is often difficult to obtain.  The majority of consumable suppliers offer company-based initial training or on-site (in-house) demonstrations.  Most equipment manufacturers give initial training following installations, but therein lay the problem.  ‘Initial training’ is precisely that—it is to get one started—not how to become a master of it with every application and style of operation.  Who then integrates each product or process entity together and brings the overall printing operation up to full-speed? 

Even if all processing steps were properly executed, production may still not do the job as planned since each part of those steps might not fit together for the type of application at hand.  How does one know when they are at peak efficiency—you know, the times when you hear the guy down the road gets another 50% out of a product than you can, or increases throughput under the same scenario seemingly or cuts downtime by half.  In short, print quality, speed, equipment uptime, shippable yield and profitability do not meet expectations or what the operation was originally designed and engineered to do.  This is not a win-win situation for you or your customers.

Sometimes, the problem can be better understood knowing that critical process knowledge and technical know-how are commodities, which is handed down from one person to another—but continuously looses its meaning, significance, skill, impact and original purpose over time.  Moreover, expectation from personnel and equipment today is significantly increasing—as demanded by both customers’ quality and raising production costs alike—yet equipment deteriorates through age, use and abuse. 

To stay on top and keep ahead of your adversaries in a competitive marketplace, the means to replace lost skills, update physical printing methods with the latest ideas and integrate suitable processing techniques is in easy reach of all just for the asking.  The solution to increase revenues by reducing costly waste and improve productivity is simply to seek on-site technical training combined with problem solving analyzes and  powerful result-producing no-cost recommendations.

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