imagetek Consulting International
"Unique screenprinting consulting with a clear and spectacular difference"

Services Rendered

Imagetek Consulting International provides numerous enhancement services including but not limited to the following: 

  • Reviewing an existing printing operation; from screen-making to make-ready & on-press to finishing for hassle-free production
  • Unique troubleshooting & problem-solving printing operations, irrespective to the degree of difficulty with no-cost solutions
  • Extensive one-of-a-kind training to rigorously optimize total performance through superior process steps, enhance personnels’ skills, knowledge and  equipment utilization against set objectives
  • Divulging ‘hard-to-come-by processing’ techniques that will automatically take care of future growth and performance—the type that consumable suppliers do not give or even know about
  • Establishing methods to reduce costly/long downtimes during setups/changeovers to double or even triple productivity—particularly with multicolor/short job lots   
  • Improving specific knowledge­ on printing up-market graphics, electronic and other industrial applications
  • Incorporating procedures to rid high waste/rejects while increasing productivity & shippable yields in less time 
  • Conducting in-house training means employees do not go off-site, customized specifically to the style of operation & printing specialties with existing plant and skill level
  • Enhancing print quality, productivity and overall efficiency while reducing production cost
  • Optimizing productivity from current equipment regardless of make, automation, age, use or abuse
  • Learning industry’s latest ideas & brightest techniques not readily found elsewhere that will significantly help to elevate the operation to another plateau
  • Coaching executives/management when lacking skills in critical areas & provide important missing knowledge 
  • Conducting advance training on a wide range of processing & printing techniques, particularly for high-end graphics and industrial applications—regardless of complexity 
  • Tweaking ‘pre-press’ and ‘on-press’ procedures to improve productivity bottom-line performance
  • Reducing overall operation cost and eliminate the need for overtime to make-up for the shortfalls
  • Conducting off-site (e.g. a hotel) technical training seminars—ideally for groups from multi-plant locations v Conducting non-technical print management (incl. CSR, sales & marketing personnel) seminars for quality-conscious operations
  • Tackling related issues concerning the switch to UV inks/coatings or any other processing technology change
  • Introducing four-color process, monotone and vignette (tone gradations) printing for international award-winning results
  • Illustrating the influence of superior techniques to obtain consistent uniform deposition to improve dielectrics, ITOs, electroluminescence, PV/solar, conductivity, resistivity, etc., to be on the fast-track for superior results
  • Implementing safeguards to reduce/eliminate unacceptable waste due to misregistration/distortion while mastering techniques to improve demanding close-tolerance & die-cutting
  • Handling all process and print training matters for new startup printing operations, especially for businesses who have not previously screen printed or those being re-located
  • Training press operators quality make-ready procedures, especially for multi-press facilities, for consistent repeatable print finish and controllable results with total ease
  • Preparing written procedures (SOPs), as required, for various processes/practices—a foremost prerequisite for companies considering ISO 9000 Certification to remain in compliance & other industry qualifications
  • Preparing extensive audits/review reports for valuable reference & recommendation for future needs, such as buyout/acquisition or simply as a health scorecard
  • Auditing the complete printing operation and consult on specific objectives for future financial/takeover/buyout need
  • Testifying as an industry expert witness

Imagetek Consulting International

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