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Why Online Technical Consulting for Screen Printing Operations

Reputable online consulting via Imagetek Consulting International is an outstanding means for any screen printing operation to become more productive and competitively exceed in all its business endeavors.  It is an economical way for printing companies to obtain unique advise, updating little-known secret processing techniques (rarely available from suppliers), troubleshoot and problem-solve printing/production issues precisely at the time when needed. 

Seeking the advice and expertise of such a technical professional is a great way to make a printing operation not only perform well but to excel even when it encounters printing/production problems that cannot be readily resolved from within.  Well-founded companies regularly seek the advice of consultants when they experience unusually high reject rates, lower productivity than normal, suffering sky rocketing costs or other operational problems that directly impacts the bottom-line.  However, employing a full time highly compensated technical consultant/director is often impractical since their services are needed only when a crisis is encountered. 

Online Consulting is Indispensable in Today's Business Climate

Online screen printing consulting (troubleshooting/problem-solving via email, Skype and phone) is a practical service that provides a unique security backup for many of today's companies to ensure their business integrity remains competitively intact regardless of the challenges faced in production.  In today's economic climate, many businesses are searching for practical solutions to enable them to survive harsh labor issues, runaway production costs, soaring waste/high rejects, struggling gross inefficiencies all while meeting customers’ ever-growing demands against the backdrop of a brutal financial crisis. 

A number of printing companies who ran out of survival options were either forced to cut back severely by downsizing or, worse still, close down.  Those that survived were often required to continue with fewer personnel with less skill, specialized knowledge or the right kind of experience, which was previously enjoyed.

Online print consulting is a new concept that will eventually became the standard practice by high-demanding print operations for all challenging printing applications—even when they are not running on fumes.  The need to adapt to an ever-changing economic reality that sometimes overwhelms a company’s solid foundation creates a demand for industrial-specific technical consultants, such as Imagetek, who can provide the right kind of expertise without ever setting a foot into a client’s building.  Technical consulting handled online, Skype or phone, has never been better or easier to dispense, particularly with the current economic situation, in order to remain competitive and profitable under any negative production circumstances.

The Need for Online Industry-Specific Technical Consultant

One way to avoid production crunch and quality issues is to align your company’s printing operation with the professional advice of a high-profile industry-specific technical consultant, such as Imagetek, that specializes in a wide range of high-performance screen printing applications (review this website for additional information on specializations handled).  The printing department of any company or manufacturing enterprise is not always perfect or ideal—where serious problems typically arise when least expected.  The immediate help of an online consultant, which is all part of Imagetek’s Online Retainer Program, becomes an essential service, especially for the purpose of troubleshooting and problem-solving production while sharing ideas so it can perform effectively and accurately to status quo and beyond.  Many companies take advantage of Imagetek Consulting to further conduct other tasks and objectives, such as hands-on training, preparing procedures (SOPs), custom print & management seminars as well as updating processing techniques to elevate overall skill levels and excel performance. 

Managing a printing operation of any size or complexity is not that easy without the help of an independent consultant whose sole job is to tackle bottom-line objectives when called upon.  No manager possess all the needed skills and technical know-how, particularly if new to the job, where poor decision-making and unproductive troubleshooting are more likely to take place.  This is where the benefits of online industry-specific consulting becomes extremely valuable by reducing the risks since they have the necessary expertise and knowledge to resolve issues with ease and confidence.  It is crucial to realize that in many instances there is no room for mistakes or poor decisions made, thus making the entity of online consulting a corporate asset for any printing operation seeking growth and profitability regardless of struggles.

The printing department of any company is normally responsible for the entire manufacturing and production of printed goods.  This department is very important since it must ensure their quality of products meet or exceed expectations and that they are shipped in a timely fashion.  One way to continuously ensure these critical stages are met is through the assurances of an independent industry-specific technical consultant in good standing, one that clearly understands the broad perspectives of your printing operation and the intricacies involved on a daily basis.  Maximizing the resources of a printing operation can be accomplished by Imagetek with full confidence that it will have an immediate effect on the balance sheet.  Much time and material waste can be prevented while improving productivity and quality through greater utilization of plant, raw materials, processes and personnel.

The Advantages of an Online Consultancy Firm—Imagetek Consulting International

Particularly for screen printers, the widespread demand for online consulting has many advantages over the traditional method of costly visitation travel that includes flights, hotel accommodation, dining, local transportation and other incidentals.  The rapid process that characterizes today's typical business demands necessitates an immediate response to any negative situation in a cost-effective affordable manner.  This is where online consulting becomes a one-stop shop without the otherwise burden of sweeping costs.

On the other hand, damage control in the production environment is not the only purpose for accessing online consulting.  Marketplace expansion, brainstorming ideas/potential markets and other innovative printed products are some of the more frequent business objectives handled by Imagetek Consulting too.  Even great ideas by owners and top management may still require the services of a consultant to implement them expeditiously in a hassle-free manner.  Imagetek has a deep understanding of how assignments and objectives are completed because of its specialty experience that has been long-tested and in-depth skills—therefore uniquely equipped to handle management concerns and long-term goals. 

As an ongoing commitment, online consultancy is available twenty-four hours a day.  This also takes away the stressful waiting period necessary in dealing with companies who have traditional business hours but on contrasting time zones.  Many successful screen printing operations today owe much of their success, whether completely or in part, to specialized technical consultants like Imagetek.  With online assistance just a few clicks away means the amount of time printing operations take in improving their craft, quality and efficiency to where it should be, is accomplished with ease without delays. 

Hiring an online consultant is one of the best decisions taken especially when starting out, expanding or bringing an existing business to a higher level in performance.  Depending on purpose, function and interactivity, there are at least four major roles of online consultancy for any business that employs screen printing to facilitate a printed product; general consulting, technical aspiration, production optimization and quality enhancement.  More involved and intimate enhancement services will need to be conducted onsite.

Imagetek Consulting International is a specialized firm with 40 years experience in resolving complex screen printing issues and operation infrastructure meltdowns—by providing the right kind of insight for solutions and technical know-how for rapid recovery.  In today’s challenging world of up-market demanding screen printing applications, where extreme close-tolerance in every measurable way ostensibly rules, has become essential to secure a cost-effective backup by an impartial third-party—much like backing up companies’ key computer files.

The use of online technology to obtain unique real-life assistance in time of need, as a viable innovative medium for small to large businesses, is a win-win way to reap the full benefits of exceptional possibilities that only wealthier blue-chip companies have enjoyed in the past.

Imagetek Consulting offers a full range of professional enhancement services relevant for both small and large clients regardless of budget size.  Diverse services include but not limited to:

·         Advance training—group or one-on-one

·         Print management coaching

·         Conduct custom seminars for screen makers, screen printers, print management, sales & marketing

·         Handle project-based assignments

·         Sharpening skill levels by update processing techniques

·         On-press training—regardless of equipment

·         Train or retrain screen making to match desire print results

·         Overview post-press functions

·         Set standard practices in screen making, make ready, on-press operation, etc.

·         Prepare custom training manuals

·         Troubleshoot production bottlenecks & workflow stoppages

·         Operational analysis & efficiency reviews

·         Plant layout/production workflow

·         Production loss/waste audits

·         Develop and prepared standard operating procedures & instruction/equipment manuals

·         Define & describe issues/problems revealed by test data or production documentation

·         Identify & define cause/effect relationships

·         Provide written materials for in-house publications (newsletters, on-going training programs, etc.)

·         Assess readiness for implementing new printing automation

·         Assess readiness for implementing in-line multicolor printing

·         Assess readiness for implementing web/reel-to-reel processes

·         Evaluate processing equipment suitability

·         Oversee testing of suppliers’ products & capital equipment

·         Oversee equipment pre-ship run-offs

·         Negotiate equipment contracts, agreements & warranties

·         Evaluate operations for mergers/buy outs

·         Locate suppliers (consumables & capital equipment) & scarce resources

·         Negotiate/conduct capital equipment acceptance procedures

·         Assist in incorporating other unfamiliar and/or recently developed technologies

·         Oversee shift to UV printing/curing technology

·         Introduce/refine halftone/four-color process as well as printing of tonal blends (dot gradation) 

·         Conduct feasibility studies

·         Identify commercial possibilities for new ideas/concepts for startup operations

·         Prepare new/review existing "start-up" proposals

·         Summary & recommendations

·         Testify as an expert witness


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