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Key Achievements

Every leading business has its share of accolades—achievements and accomplishments for outstanding performance.  Due to Imagetek’s unique position, its achievements may appear superlative than most.  This is understandable when considering Imagetek’s foremost function and strength is to improve the overall performance of screen printing operations and elevate it to another plateau with no-cost solutions.  In the normal course of handling assignments to enhance production performance, key accomplishments have typically been:

  • Constantly slashing reject/scrap rate of 40% to less than 1% (print related)
  • Regularly trimming 7 to 8 points off the industry allowance for overruns
  • Consistently cutting downtime (setups/changeovers) by more than half regardless of equipment sophistication, age or level of automation
  • Doubling productivity in numerous instances simply at a stroke
  • Uniquely discovering major entities or occurrences to the process not previously observed by anyone, to swiftly pinpoint source for corrective action to significantly reduce costs by 40%
  • Troubleshooting/problem-solving at depths not previously considered conceptually possible
  • Consistently improving physical production twofold, or more, simply by adopting superior processing techniques with most operations – without operators feeling the effects of greater productivity
  • Increasing throughput rate 50 – 100% and more, in well-organized operations through greater efficient use of existing equipment, once again, without operators feeling the pinch
  • Perpetually reducing screen making costs by more than half, even in well-run environments in above-average operations
  • Clients constantly producing world-class award winning prints for the very first time, sometimes with jobs never undertaken previously
  • Consistently delivering hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational cost savings
  • Capturing thousands of dollars in unnecessary new equipment expenditures as well as invalidating the need for $200,000 – $500,000 turnkey printing system in several operations
  • As a visitor to a giant CD manufacturing plant printing 60 million per week, found the cause of a serious problem within five minutes, one that they have been experiencing from day one, regardless of the numerous attempts to do so by others over the years
  • By improving the quality of printed vehicle decals, it enabled one motorbike factory conveyorized production line to speed up by one second—which translated into an extra 181 motorbikes per day

Imagetek Consulting International

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