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Why Hire a Consultant?

Why hire a professional screen printing consultant? 
Perhaps a better question may be why not.  Consider the rising business challenges that many leading printing operations are facing:

Strategies for Change
As markets change, once adequate production strategies are rendered ineffective or obsolete.  A company once recognized as an innovator suddenly finds itself an “also ran,” watching the awards go to competitors who formerly followed their lead.  Once extraordinary print quality is now just ordinary.....or worse.  It happens.  Today, markets are marked by rapid change, to which you must mount a quick response: You have little control over market forces.  However, your
Imagetek consultant can put you in close control of your printing process and help you establish an ongoing program for continued improvement and expansion.  This will better serve your existing niche.....or move into new ones.

Strategic Solutions
As businesses downsize, vital process know-how goes out the door with departing employees.  They take with them indispensable process understanding and hard-won experience with the unique facets of your operation.  Today’s business climate favors takeovers, layoffs, job buyouts and early retirements.  In addition, technology continues to replace personnel, and outsourcing strategies reduce an already depleted workforce.  Employers eliminate positions and/or replace experienced employees with inexperienced recruits, thinking they’ll save money.  But remaining personnel are unprepared to take a greater share of production responsibility, so the (mostly hidden) cost vastly exceeds the savings.  Faced with unavoidable staff reductions, you can hardly be expected to mount a well-prepared and thorough re-training program or bring fresh ideas to the table. 
Imagetek-led reeducation and enhancement services, however, requires minimal commitment of your internal resources.  You get a quick payback through immediate and dramatic increases in worker competence, workforce efficiency, knowledge, skill, shippable yields and bottom-line profitability.

Results-Driven Advance Custom Training
As you bring new technologies “on line,” you won’t get the right type of training you need from your suppliers.  New technologies frequently require new and significantly different skills, which must be mastered before newly installed equipment or unfamiliar products or procedures can be optimized and used at peak efficiency.  While the best suppliers offer initial on-site training or factory demonstrations, “initial training” is just that, it gets you started.  But it can't be expected to integrate that elementary knowledge into the unique workflow of your very specific application and technology.  Therefore, techniques used for pre-press, make-ready, on-press print quality, press speed, equipment up time, shippable yield and ultimately, of course, profitability cannot meet expectations.  What should have been a win/win situation for you and your customers can become an expensive lose/lose.  Who then brings your overall printing operation up to full-speed?  Your 
Imagetek consultant has “been there, done that,” and can save your staff many months of agonizing trial-and-error guesswork.  You fully achieve the performance levels for which the new technology was designed and engineered.

Spectacular Performance—Stunning Results

As printing veterans pass on skills to new recruits, even a well-maintained training program may well be losing ground.  Just as equipment performance deteriorates with age, use and abuse, the effectiveness of hand-me-down skills quietly erodes.  Critical process knowledge, expertise and technical know-how developed five years ago met the need five years ago—but what about today?  Tighter specs and deadlines set the bar higher.  Production costs and customer demands spiral upward while deteriorating processing procedures moves in the other direction.  Just when you think you’re at peak efficiency, you hear that the “guy down the road” gets an extra 50 percent out of the same material, product or equipment, or cuts his downtime by half and increases throughput in a printing scenario similar to yours.  Your
Imagetek consultant can spot skill “skew” that might otherwise go undetected while readily updating your training schedule and upgrade your physical print processing methods.  Imagetek's program is your quickest, simplest way to get the very latest ideas and those processing techniques that are hard to find—before your competitors get them and leave you behind.  Why not capture and maintain the competitive edge?  It’s yours for the asking: Imagetek’s combination of on-site technical training, problem-solving analysis and low-cost/no-cost recommendations are guaranteed to increase your revenues by reducing costly waste and improving quality and productivity.  

Additional objectives why professional outsourced help is sought  
  • Reduction in operation budget
  • Operation overload
  • Meeting impossible deadlines
  • Improve shippable yields
  • Enhance quality & productivity
  • Find cause & fix bizarre or peculiar problems 
  • Extensive/long production downtime
  • Overhaul an inefficient printing operation/procedures
  • Increase bottom-line profit
  • Lack in-house troubleshooting/problem solving expertise
  • Reduce high rejects & costly waste
  • Operation simply not competitive enough
  • High turnover of senior/skill personnel
  • Unacceptable decline in operation profitability
  • Company/department downsizing but wants to excel
  • Seek additional or develop new skills & processing techniques
  • Incorporate fresh ideas & concepts into the organization
  • Periodic/routine fine-tuning of process and overall production
  • Conduct special or complex projects
  • Retain operation profitability
  • Cost-effective audit/monitor to preserve existing quality integrity
  • Continuously paying a premium for mediocre results
  • Help owners/managers to remotely manage with full confidence
  • Looking to increase productivity without increasing overheads
  • Add expertise to make best use/efficiency with current resources & equipment
  • Improve company’s overall integrity/standing within the industry

Imagetek Consulting International

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