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Consulting Fees

Professional Fee for Consulting & Related Enhancement Services
Rates are for professional consulting and related services rendered during 2013 or for the validity of confirmed written proposal.  Other rates are mutually negotiated upon full agreement with complete understanding of the assignment (objectives & duration).

Imagetek Consulting International will provide the maximum amount of consulting, training and enhancement services that can be handled according to the assignment's agree duration.

 Duration   Program  US $
1 day Consulting, training & multiple objectives handled within an 8-hour day  1,799.00
2 days As above per day             1,699.00
3 days As above per day  1,499.00
4-5 days As above per day  1,399.00
2 weeks As above per day      1,299.00
3+ weeks As above per day  1,199.00
1-5 days Follow-up from previous assignment, per day  1,299.00
8 hours Online consulting / retainer for continuous phone / email consultation, per 8-hour lots - paid in advance     799.00
Days Multiple facility rate is offered if services are required in more than one company's printing operation, regardless of location or application  
 Upon Request 
Hourly Expert witness and other assignments related to exert/legal opinions and deposition purposes including off-site preparation     399.00
Daily Expert legal witness - court testifying including off-site preparation  2,999.00
Travel time for all services rendered to/from destination
Daily Per Diem - each assignment and traveling days
Rate per driven mile to/from all assignments 
Misc Travel costs (airfare, hotel, dining, car rental/local transportation & other related incidentals) as required 
Additional 35% surcharge to conduct assignments or travel involved over weekends (Saturdays or Sundays) and an additional 50% surcharge to conduct assignments or travel involved on Public Bank Holidays (as determined by the US Government)

Terms & Conditions:
Additional charges, kept to a minimum at all times, to be agreed upon before the commencement of any assignment.  All trips made to visit clients' suppliers or other facilities to gather information or to review will be charged at the daily rates listed plus incidental travel costs.

A multiple-daily rate is offered for assignments covering multiple facilities or locations of the same company. 
A multiple-daily rate is offered for assignments covering multiple facilities or locations of the same company.  All other related charges to be mutually agreed upon prior to assignment commencing.

Rates and incidental charges are quoted and invoiced in US$, which are net and based on an 8-hour day unless otherwise stated. 

All overseas assignments require a pro-forma invoice paid in full for the agreed estimated cost prior to commencing an assignment.  All banking fees, exchange rates, taxes of any kind or any other expenses is the client's responsibility.  A Letter of Credit is not acceptable.

Rates quoted are for all services rendered are net and payable in US dollars.  Payment is due immediately upon presentation of invoice.  Travel and hotel arrangements are the responsibility of the customer unless agreed upon before commencement of the assignment.

Terms are negotiable but must be mutually agreed upon in advance.  Please do not hesitate to call should you have any questions or require further information about the professional enhancement services offered.

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