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View a presentation on why you should consider hiring a Professional Screen Printing Consult

Management, supervisors, process and production engineers frequently agree for a need to engage the services of an outside consultant, to resolve several unsettled issues or problems that are critically affecting the well-being of the printing department.  The trouble in many instances is they report back to their supervisors with a printout page from a website, saying they have located a suitable consultant and then believing the next thing he or she will suddenly appear on their doorstep!

For corporate to accept the necessity of hiring a specialist consultant, they usually require additional information, one that is concise and focused on their operation’s immediate possible needs to become convinced.  The purpose of this Presentation is they can see who, what and how Imagetek Consulting can best achieve the objectivesall within a few minutes of viewing.

There are two different Presentations given below:  The first is for general screen printingsuch as commercial arts, 4-CP and general printing applications while the second for industrial printing—for companies specializing in graphic overlays, membranes switch, electronics, glass and other high-performance applications.  Depending on the Microsoft Windows version used, they can be downloaded in two different formatseither Windows 2007 or earlier Windows 97-2003 versions.  When opening any link, click on the "read only" option to view the presentation. 

A short review of why you should hire a professional screen print consultant for your business objectives and future goals:

Industrial Screen Printing Applications
PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

 - PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation

 - Example of a typical 2-day Advance Training Session

General Screen Printing Applications

 - PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

 - PowerPoint 97-2003 Presentation

In-depth Technical Articles:
Mike Young has had close to 170 technical and management articles published during the past 25 years, covering a wide ranging spectrum of high-definition screen printing.  While a cross-section of a few is given below for your assimilation, a number have been published in Spanish.  Please use the
Contact Us link page should you wish to obtain further information about articles published.

Power to the Floodcoater: Part 1 - outlines the reason why uniform ink deposition is not possible to achieve by manual printing due to consistent and controllable mechanical flood coating is missing.

Dynamic Troubleshooting 240 'On-Press' Printing Problems for High Definition Printing: Part 1 - a multiple-part series that systematically highlights all the influential factors pertaining to certain aspects of printing faults.

Solucion Dinamica a 240 Problemas de Impresion 'En-Prensa' para Serigrafia: Part 1 - same as above but in Spanish.

What Tech Books Don't Teach Screen Printing Companies - Hidden Secrets of Achieving Excellence at No Additional Cost: Part 1 & 2 - a great article that every diligent manager should read and keep by their desk.

India Takes Bourbon Street by Storm! - a report on the results of the India screen printing community working hard to elevate their Award-Winning print samples exhibited to an International level.

Decorating Large Format Glass - outlines the basic essentials for architectural glass fabricators to decorative glass profitably.

Dynamic Troubleshooting 240 'On-Press' Printing Problems for High Definition Printing: Part 5 - final of a successful multiple-part series that systematically highlights all the influential factors pertaining to certain aspects of printing faults.

Influence of Squeegee & floodcoater Lengths: Friend or Foe? - an interesting article that states 'size' does matter - having everything to do with it when it comes to quality printing performance.

Efecto de las Longitudes de Rasero y Barra de Entintar: Amigo d Enemigo? - same as above but in Spanish.

Maximize Your Screen Printing quality...And Profit (The imperative need for proper squeegee maintenance for high quality graphics & industrial screen printing applications): Part 1 - despite its long title, a superb 3 part article on squeegee sharpening leaving no stones unturned for the quality printer!

Printing Press Alignment - Crucial Points for Critical Quality Printing - a reality-check on inter-press alignment- a detrimental factor in achieving excellence that is overlooked too many times.

Alineacion de la Prensa de Impresion - Puntos Cruciales para Calidad Critica - same as above but in Spanish.

Destination - India, Part 1: Discovering the struggle of international quality recognition 'The Exhibition & Struggles' - using British English for this article closely follows my footsteps throughout the visit.

Destination - India, Part 2: Discovering the struggle of international quality recognition ' The Tour & More' - final part of the above.

On-Press Close-Tolerance Printing - takes a good long hard look at various aspects of all the on-press factors having the greatest influence for close-tolerance printing.

Q&A Topics from SGIA Display Graphics Resource Center's Web Site

The following are some very interesting questions and answers to everyday common printing problems:

Cause for dot gain? - typical reasons given when the print table has not been properly prepared.

Cause for dot or detail loss? - questions the integrity of the print table's flatness

How close to the frame can we burn an image? - not knowing the danger-zone is the downfall of many good printing operations.

Pinholes during printing? - a number of interesting factors concerning the integrity of a 'clean' print room to provide a workable dust-free environment.

On-press color shift? - surprise, surprise - the cause is not always what you think at first!

Using different printing presses to print the same job? - sounds innocent enough right?... wrong!  This explains the issues and potential problems faced when your back is against the ropes trying to get tens of thousands of multicolor prints shipped out quickly.

Documenting screen life/history? - a printing operation can record whatever it likes to maintain consistency.  However, when printing high quality is sought with retensionable screens, an operation throws a lot of money down the drain if it does not take advantage of recording each retensioning - before and after each job.

Image is poor or missing at the start of printing? - explains in down-to-earth terms what mechanically happens at the start of print and primary cause behind it.

Substrate shrinkage? - explains the reasons why it happens when using a dryer and how to prevent it from occurring, yet still obtain efficient and effective drying.

Printed sheets sticking to the screen? - a favorite topic of mine and one that drives printers into unnecessary frustration, but easily resolved by simply adapting some smart basic printing principles.

Screen cleaning & reclaiming? - following straightforward but proper instruction - and nothing more, will rid 99% of all poorly clean/reclaim issues for sure and save the operation a bunch of money too.

Squeegee sharpening? - a question many companies ask 'how often' while the stock answer is invariably almost the same in every situation.

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