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7 Great Reasons

7 Great reasons for a screen printing operation to work with a professional screen printing consultant:

1.  Operation Overload:
  Too much work seemingly with too few people.  Key personnel carrying out multiple responsibilities not knowing who they are or what role they should be playing.  The Challenge: Keeping top people on top priorities.


2.  Reduced Budgets:  Doing more production with less.  Stretching fewer dollars further and making do with what you have.  The Challenge:  Meeting realistic obligations yet production to remain cost-effective with increase in quality and shippable yields.


3.  Tight Deadlines:  Major opportunities but with seemingly impossible demands or delivery times.  There’s no time for mistakes and no second chances.  The Challenge:  Make it all happen when the heat is on.


4.  Long Downtimes:  Having to constantly check-over or re-do things due to lack of consistency and control.  The Challenge: Improve yield by optimizing superior processing methods and strengthen operation weaknesses.


5.  No In-house Expert:  Everyone expected to be an expert on everything is not only unrealistic—it just doesn’t happen.  Much time and money are constantly lost searching for valuable resources, learning new skills and up-dating technology.  The Challenge:  Finding the right type of source to bring about an acceptable swift change in production & maintaining the level of skills brought and learned.


6.  Unacceptable High Rejects/Waste:  Day-to-day normal printing operation produces unacceptable results and costly waste.  Customers are often forced to accept lesser quality and endure late deliveries or shortfalls—or worse!.  The Challenge:  Getting the job done in a competitive marketplace when no one knows where to start.


7.  Not Competitive:  Targeting new business but failing to beat the competition­.  Company wants to expand and improve beyond its area of specializa­­tion through much improved efficiency.  The Challenge:  Generate greater demand through improvements by adopting outsourced quality-proven printing techniques and enhancement services from Imagetek Consulting.

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